Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iran & the rest

I appreciate being an Iranian & coming from a somewhat modern nation-state when I look at the state of other middle-eastern countries like Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia... etc. Just by looking at what is happening in Iraq (aside from foreigners going there to blow themselves up) you'd realize how lucky some nations like Iran could be.

Iran, nation-wise, is pretty much like United States, France or Canada. Lots of diversity but with the common sense of "being an Iranian" among the people. People dont mind if some Azeris go and live in Fars province or vice versa. Many Kurds live in northern Khorassan province. Yep, There are big discrimination against minorities in Iran but the truth to the matter is that people of Iran have no problem with each other at all. I am not talking about goverments here. Bond among Iranians are stronger due to several factors such as religion, language, persian heritage and national celebrations that make us a unique nation-state in the chaotic mideast today.

Right now, there is a speculation about moving Kurdish troops to Baghdad to squash the arab insurgents and every one is scared to death. The racial-religious resentment among Iraqis of all sort (Kurds, Sunnis, Shiites) are too much to handle. This type of thing doesn't really exist in a country like Iran and then it really makes you think of the service Reza Shah the Great did by uniting Iran and providing us with a sense of a united nation-hood.

It's important that Iranian freedom movement exploit this opportunity to keep Iran as a united and free state for the years to come and it is important for a post-mullah era.


RoxieAmerica said...

Well written. I too had something to say about the Kurds today. I am glad people are blogging about both Iran and Iraq.

na said...

it´s in our blood :-)

Karton Khab said...

damet garm Mr winston