Thursday, January 18, 2007

One More Step

Islamic Dress Code Show which means Iran is getting one more step closer to be a Shiite Taliban style ruled society. Worse, Mullahs are trying very hard to make us look like Saudis, Somalis, Sudanese... etc. I feel this regime is hell bent on erasing any thing that may look Persian/Iranian.

No goddamn trace of our old glory is going to be around as long as the evil Islamic regime is around.

More "Arabian style dress show" pictures & These images make me really angry

BBC News has more on this.


Anonymous said...

why not arabic style clothes? Iranian women are sent to Arabs in Dubai, Iranian money is given to Arab terrorists,..shouldn't they make people know what they mean by all this?

na said...

i dont know should i cry or should i lough?
some of those reminds me in zorro&star wars.

Anon said...

Can't they get a few more layers on them?

Sherry said...

Winston, you have my deepest condolences. Here I thought Iranians were PERSIANS not ARABS! Makes me wonder what else is next with an evil regime like that.

serendip said...

Cultural genocide of epic proportion.

howie said...

Me...funny when I saw the pictures I noticed one salient emotion...sadness. Then I realized what the sadness was about...covering the human spirit...wrapping it up tight and crushing it.