Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hard to Love

    "Perhaps Iran's greatest tragedy is that it has become so hard to love"

A quote from the book "Poets & Pahlevans" by Marcello Di Cintio of Calgary, talking about the urge among Iranian youths to leave Iran due to economic or political pressures.


سعید said...

I agree. It was really my sense.
It is hard to love the current Iran.
I love the real Iran , Persia.
Free and Beauty Persia.
but i love it for ever.

C.H. said...

That's a sad statement.
But how true is it for Iranians?
Iran the country, is still beautiful Iran.
The mullahs can't make Mt Damavand disappear.
The mullahs can't erase Persian history, though they've tried.
They've been trying for 28 years to take away Persian pride, but haven't succeeded.

So though life in current Iran may be hard to love because of the government, Iran itself is not hard to love.

Sherry said...

Iran would be more beautiful if that regime were gone. If the people aren't happy, then Iran isn't beautiful. A beautiful Iran consists of Happy Persians who are free from tyranny.