Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Strikes in Iran

Persian language media report that a massive strike is underway in southern Iranian ship-yards. Hundreds of workers have stopped working and are protesting against the discriminatory laws of labor in that part of the country. 1

Another labor strike is underway in northern city of Neka in Iran where hundreds of workers are protesting the sale of the factory in which they work and that the sale of their work place will result in massive unemployment. 2

I'll keep you posted....

Update 1: This page from Iranian Labor News Agency shows there are more than two major labor strikes undergoing in Iran.


Mike said...

Winston: Thanks for keeping me updated in whats going on in Iran. I just wish I could translate into English what the sources of your info is saying.Thanks from Lost In America!!!

سيدعلی گدا said...

وينستون جان
اگر اين پاسارگاد و يا پرسپوليس در آلمان ( به خصوص شهر برلين ) واقع شده بود ، بهت ميگفتم که اين آلمانيها چه جوری بازسازيش ميکردند و يا موزه ای ازش ميساخنتند که جاودانه باقی ميماند .... حالا که اين کثافتها هر چی هست و نيست را دارند ميفرستند زير آب

چندی پيش از اين موزه در شهر برلين ديدن کردم ! به قول بروبچّه های داخل ايران پوزم کش آمد و يا اينکه کفم بُريد .....

C.H. said...

Thanks for posting.
We certainly won't get this information from the MSM.
What a disservice they do and inhumane inaction in not reporting these protests against the regime in Iran. If they had been reporting them even just over the past couple years, the regime would have collapsed by now.