Monday, January 29, 2007

Investment & Strength

Royal Dutch Shell oil company has announced that they are willing to sign a major oil deal with the Iranians. 1

I have always believed that each and every penny that is being invested in Islamic Republic of Iran will make the ruling mullahs' lives one day longer and the longer they rule, the more misery and destruction will fall upon the very people they are suppressing and ruling over. Not that I am against the economic growth of my motherland or I don't want my people to prosper, but what good does this do when the ordinary people will never benefit from these huge investments and the money goes to terrorist groups around the world. I don't want the regime to be able to terrorize the world through the money they gain from these oil deals. Oil & Gas are the only effective weapons the regime have and they clearly use the natural resources of Iran to fund terrorism around the world. I have no doubt about that.

This type of deal will strengthen the mullahs much more than any one can imagine! Wish someone could stop Europeans from empowering their beloved mullahs.


Frieda said...

I don't see the anti-denmark sentiment anywhere? how come? it's always the evil American companies...well what about the Danish?
Oh! the left's double standards is never ending. Can't they organize "south Africa" type strategy and bring the Mullahs' down?

Bardia said...

جشن سده بر ایرانیان دوستار دوستی شادمانه باد

Anonymous said...

Iran is the EU's Client state...Iran's largest trade partner. Iran has also become a cash cow for Russia...

Rosemary said...

Does anyone besides me think it's about time for the Dutch to try to publish another Mohammed cartoon??? What is wrong with these idiots?!

Richards said...

Cartoons were published by Danish papers

Bahramerad said...

I call on all the peace loving people everywhere to help the world by boycotting and banning all the Royal Dutch Shell's products.
Do not buy petrol from Shell.
Boycott shell products.
Do not trade in Royal Dutch shell's shares.
Join me in a campaign to stop Royal Dutch Shell to do this dirty deal with the IRI.
Islamic Republic will only use this money to kill and mime innocent people.
They are terrorist . DO NOT SUPPORT THEM.
For more information go to.