Monday, January 8, 2007

More on Khamenei

It is 4:40 am and I ccouldn't sleep as usual. I did browse the regime's news agencies such as Fars News, ISNA and Mehr News to see if any news on Khamenei would be out today given the fact that it is Eid al Ghadir there, which is the most important occasion for the shiites and Khamenei is supposed to address a few people on this occasion like every other Eid.

I noticed that has published a report saying that Khamenei has met with officials and people over the Eid occasion. A few minutes later, when I got back to check the report to make sure it is of today, I found out that the link and the report are both withdrawn.

I took a snap shot of the withdrawn page.

One of the things I clearly remember from the day Khomeini died (1989) is that he actually died on 13th of the persian month (13 Khordad 1368) but regime kept the news secret and announced his passing on the 15th of the month and for days they asked people to pray for him. This hasn't happened yet but if they'd ask for prayers, we can be sure that the monster is dead or about to die really soon.

It's surprising and I do keep my fingers crossed...


Louise said...

What happens then, Winston? Aren't there a whole host of thuggish types waiting in the wings? Will the situation improve or could it get worse?

Bardia said...

تا نباشد چیزکی، مردم نگویند چیزها
امیدوارم که خبر مرگ او نیز همچون آن دیگری پنهان نباشد. او و دیگر اطرافیانش باید زنده بمانند تا مانند صدام به خفت و خاری بمیرند
راستی از برادر دوقلوی او (سید فیدل کاسترو خامنه ای) چه خبر؟ هنوز به ورزش و خالی بندی مشغوله؟
جان این دو به هم بسته است هر وقت یکی مرد ، دیگری هم خواهد مرد

kupablo said...

he's alive as far as i could see in IRIB videos, which fit to the pictures of the regime agancies.
next year, Winston.
persian year.امیدوارم

Chester said...

He'll be dead soon