Friday, February 2, 2007

Crimson Gold

It's like Iran is not just hard to love, it is also full of sad stories. And I just watched Crimson Gold that was banned from being screened in the country by the Islamic regime for the laughable reason of portraying a dark picture of Iran. 1

Do mullahs really think that just by banning a critical movie, the real darkness of the Iranian society would disappear? "Crimson Gold" really makes you hate the mullahs for every thing they have done to Iran and its people in the past 27-28 years. It makes you feel angry at them very much. The movie does inform the viewer about the social injustices, the deep gap between the rich & poor and obviously the widespread corruption of the society. I recommend it if you can stand a sad movie though. It's worth watching...

Watch The Trailer

امروز فیلم طلای سرخ اثرجعفر پناهی رو دیدم و کلی غصه خوردم واسه بدبختی مردم فلک زده ایران که هیچ امیدی به بهبودی وضعشون هم نیست. خیلی غم انگیزه... نمیدونم چه وقت این بدبختیها تمام میشه و ملت ما هم روی خوش زندگی رو میتونن ببینند؟

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gholi said...

I saw that movie. Truth hurts so deeply sometimes. Remembering the biggest mistake a nation can ever make.