Friday, February 2, 2007


Via CBC : Former Miss Canada helps free jailed Iranian teen...

    A teenage girl sentenced to death in Iran was released from jail Wednesday, much to the relief of a Canadian woman who fought 10 months to free her.

This is definitely making me and every other Iranian to thank Canada for supporting human rights in Iran. Many of us appreciate the fact that Canada has become our new home, a refuge and a warm place for thousands of Iranian refugees and political activists. Hopefully we'll reward your friendship, kindness and generosity once Iran is free again.

Thank you Canada!

More on Nazanin


na said...

a victory for all of "us".

i am so happy :-)

wish the best for both of nazanin and hope that all the rest of innocent people get free.

Bardia said...

Thanks for all canadian who support our Iranian people and special thanks to Nazanin A.Jam who never has forgotten her people.
and thank you very much indeed for dear son of IRAN, Winston.

Bardia said...

گاتها: همیشه انسانهایی دوست داشتنی هستند که مرگ را بر دیگران آسان نمی شمرند