Monday, February 12, 2007

Hard & Easy Ways

One wonders why American administrations, be it Democratic or Republican, will always opt out for the hard way when it comes to rogue regimes like Iran or Syria.

Hard way is to wage a war to achieve a political objective for any legitimate reason, and easy way would be to help the people remove these rogue regimes. And all of us know that these two methods will, eventually, help put an end to the evil regime of Iran or in this case Syria. It's what many many people want but what majority of us don't want is an unnecessary attack on Iran when the same result can be achieved through helping the people change the mullahs regime internally. I don't deny the fact that some idiots of this cruel world do not understand any thing but the language of force. But this is not necessary when it comes to Iran. Easy way means less bloodshed, less headaches and more advantages.

I am also aware that the free world's patience with the mad mullahs of Iran will run out one day soon but we still have time to put an end to this terror supporting regime without firing a shot and this won't happen unless the very same free world comes to our rescue and supports us in our struggle to get rid of this regime. It's in the world's interest to help Iranian people free themselves. Free world's foot soldiers in the struggle against the Islamic regime of Iran are those people who are fed up and tired of the clerics.

Please help us before it is too late.

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Bardia said...

با درود
کاملا با شما موافقم و هر خردورزی میداند که جنگ جز ویرانی و بدبختی چیزی در چنته ندارد ولی در این مورد - ایران و رژیم اسلامی - شرایط اندکی برعکس است. چرا که مشکل تنها خود رژیم و دیکتاتورهایش نیست در این بین سیاستهای اروپا از یک سو و از طرفی ساده لوحی و سهل انگاری مردم دلیلی است بر نیاز به گزینش راه سخت تر. این مردم لاف زیاد می زنند ولی هنگام عملکرد، همه به منافع خود می اندیشند و خلاصه اینکه حاضر به پرداخت هیچ هزینه ای نیستند. هر کس را که به همکاری و همدلی فراخوانید به گونه ای شانه خالی خواهد کرد. بیشتر روشنفکران نیز ترجیح میدهند تا نظریه بدهند تا راه حل عملی. پس در این میان چه میتوان کرد جز یاری خواستن از بیگانه. تاریخ ما شاهد بود و هست که : من از بیگانگان هرگز ننالم ، که هر چه با من کرد آن آشنا کرد
ولی راه امیدوار کننده، محدود کردن هر چه بیشتر داراییها و دادو ستدهای رژیم است که هیچ تفاوتی نیز به حال مردم ولخرج نخواهد کرد

Louise said...

"Easy way means less bloodshed, less headaches and more advantages."

Unless you live in Iraq.

na said...

i guess iranian people wanna do nothing for theirs freedom,who knows?.i am afraid,they are waiting for "attack"!

Anonymous said...

I think the democrats opt for avoidance and covering their eyes to the problem, not war

Frieda said...

Sorry ! Not related to your post..but I wanted to let you know about Nick Cohen's new book:
What's left: How Liberals Lost their way

a great book written by a liberal.

Mr. cohen was bemused at the anti-war protest around the world in Feb 2003 in which millions of supposedly liberal-minded people marched in order, as he puts it, "to oppose the overthrow of a fascist regime"

Bardia said...

وینستون عزیز
هر کاری میکنم که اون قطعه موسیقی را که خواسته بودی رو آپلود کنم بدلیل حجم بالایش نمیشه که نمیشه. اگه فضای خوب ومناسبی در سرویسهای موجود میشناسی که بشه راحتتر آپلود کرد رو به من بگی شاید بتوانم به قولم عمل کنم. توی گوگل پیجز و یوک باکس نتونستم و فقط خطا میده آیا جای بهتری میشناسی؟

Winston said...

اشکالی نداره. من سی دی هاشون رو اینجا پیدا کردم دستت درد نکنه

Mike said...

Winston: Check out Memri.Org for a real good article:
The Middle East on a Collision Course (6): The Saudi Oil Weapon
This is part of the story:"Ahmadinejad has pursued a populist program to benefit the underclass in Iran. However, populism without funding will become empty slogans. This, in turn, could greatly weaken his authority and undermine his regime's stability. There is already mounting pressures from the clerics to tone down his demagoguery, and a rise of discontent among the poor could quickly place him in political jeopardy."
Sanctions and stepped up US Military presence might be working.

gholi said...

Ahmadineja said in an interview that Iran does not want with the U.S.
He knows the regim can't fight the U.S. They will be destroyed right away. He is tuning down. Now He and khamenie and the rest of the gang only want the destruction of Israel with nuclear weapons. Telling the U.S :" don't attack us. war is not good. only our war againt Israel and destroying it with nukes is ok. "!!

Papa Ray said...

"Please help us before it is too late."

This is the same stuff I heard and read from Iraqis (mainly from ex-pats) before we went to war in Iraq.

That was just an excuse for them to get rid of one dictator and to rid themselves of one of their minorities.

They now of course, want us to leave as soon as possible, so they can continue their Islamic way of democracy...HA.

Just what kind of help do you envision? Special Forces troops coming in and training Iranian students how to overcome the Mullahs? Pallets of U.S. Cash shipped into Iran, to be spent by kids to rid themselves of the Mullahs?

Just what kind of help do you want. If you have good Ideas, lets hear them.

Just be aware you don't get rid of bad governments with words, protests and such. The only way to get rid of a bad government is by force.

There doesn't seem to be that idea among the Persians I have read or seen in the news and blogs.

They want someone else to

"Help them".

Until the Iranians care more about their children than they do about themselves, they will remain under the thumbs of the Mullahs and continue their slide into the past.

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the United States of America's Declaration of Independence, said: The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and traitors.

You know who the traitors are, Where are your patriots?

Papa Ray
West Texas

gholi said...

Papa Ray,
beautifully said!
Winston, believe him. No one will fight the Mullas, therefore they will rule until they totally destroy the country, and send the last drop of its resources to all their Islamist friends around the world.