Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Iran's Military Service

As you know, military service is mandatory for Iranian males above 19 years of age and the Islamic regime's constitution requires every male member of the society to perform the compulsory service in the armed forces for up to 24 months. I, for instance, served 2 years in the military several years ago and university grads must serve after graduation too. I described all these things to come to some stuff I am being told from inside of Iran.

A few days ago in central city of Isfahan, regime security forces stop every male who looked older than minimum age of service and asked for military discharge card and if any one couldn't produce the card, had to be taken for military service. This is unprecedented in Iran since the end of the war with Iraq in 1988 and it makes me believe that regime is really getting ready for an American backed attack.

The other interesting thing is that Iranian air force has stepped up its operational tempo over the Persian gulf and they seem to be getting ready for a possible confrontation with the US forces.

I really don't believe, even for one second, when the regime says there is no state of emergency. Islamic regime of Iran is full of bullshit and they can't hide their fear of an American attack which will eventually lead to their permanent downfall. But I am also aware that they won't go down alone. Mullahs will take a few innocent people with themselves too and that's absolutely regrettable.

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C.H. said...

They're scared.
Michael Rubin is right, this is NOT the time for talks.
It's the time to increase the pressure on regime.

DCM said...

The helluvit is, I went to U of Waterloo with an Iranian guy who was the salt of the earth... a very good stratigrapher, and cartoonist. It you ever look at the "Waterlog" newsletter from the Dept of Geology there, he still sends the occasional cartoon in, even after 35 years.

I hear what you are saying about the innocents being sacrificed for the boss's plans for domination. It is just too bad. I really hope that it doesn't happen, and doesn't come down to another protracted thing like is happening in Iraq.

I really believe the rest of the nations of the world stand by and let the US act, because essentially they want the US to be taken down. I shudder to think of the world without the US. If they weren't there, I believe with complete certainty that we would have long, long, long ago been attacked and conquered by our neighbour over the pole.

Frieda said...

I heard you on Hugh's radio show...Great job. :-)

siavash said...

The compulsory military service is not mentioned in the Islamic Republic's constitution. It is part of the regular laws of the country.
In fact, the law of compulsory military service was introduced during the first Pahlavi King, Reza Shah, in 1920's, when he decided to modernize or in fact establish iran army.

Winston said...

Article 151 of the Islamic regime's constitution mentions:

In accordance with the noble Koranic verse: "Prepare against them whatever force you are able to muster, and horses ready for battle, striking fear into God's enemy and your enemy, and others beyond them unknown to you but known to God..." [8:60], the government is obliged to provide a program of military training, with all requisite facilities, for all its citizens, in accordance with the Islamic criteria, in such a way that all citizens will always be able to engage in the armed defence of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The possession of arms, however, requires the granting of permission by the competent authorities.

siavash said...

The article 151 is not about compulsory military service. As you can read in the translation of the article that you provided, it talks about providing basic training for all citizens, not just male citizens. It does not say it is compulsory, and does not include any specific period of time.
The article is kind of the basis for the formation of the volunteer militia that is called Basij.

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I do believe they are trying to provoke a war. Heck, our so called leaders are planning on talking to these crazy mullahs. How dare they! How dare they credibility to the same terrorists that are murdering the innocent people within the borders of Persia. I want to scream and cry...

Anonymous said...

Good job winston.