Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Humane Society

I know, I know... There are so many hungry and poor people in Iran that it really doesn't matter if animals are being mistreated or left hungry in the cold but I really can't stay silent. I saw some pictures of nice snowfall in Tehran and then those poor cats sitting together caught my attention. I wish we could set up a humane society in Tehran and other major cities in Iran to cater to the poor animals who are always hungry, mistreated by some idiots and abused. All we need is something like an American or Canadian type of humane society that caters to stray animals like dogs and cats and keep them warm and feed them properly.

Humane Society of the USA / Humane Society of Canada

Serving animals and helping them out is a noble job and it is very rewarding. My heart aches when I look at those poor cats left in the cold knowing that they have no food to eat and they are often abused by ignorant people. Is there any one to help them there?

داشتم عکسهای بارش قشنگ برف رو در تهران میدیدم که چشمم افتاد به این عکس بالا که گربه های بیچاره تو سرمای کشنده تهران مثل این بچه یتیم ها یه گوشه کز کردن و میلرزند. به خودم گفتم چی میشد که ما هم در ایران انجمن حمایت از حیوانات داشتیم که میتونست از این حیوانات زبون بسته و بیگناه نگهداری کنه. راستش میدونم که مردم بدبخت ایران الان فقر از سر و کوله اشون بالا میره و یکی باید به فکر اونا باشه اما خب این سگ و گربه ها هم گناهی ندارند که تهران شده خونشون

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Jungle Mom said...

Learning that youcare for these cats shows a whole new level of humanity in you! I respect you more than ever.