Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Call The President...

I think one effective thing all of us like-minded people can do is to let world leaders know what we would like to happen in Iran. The best thing is to be pro-active and communicate with those who are in charge of policy making like foreign ministers, senators, MPs, representatives of congress or parliaments... etc of the country you live in. It's the best possible thing one can do to be heard by politicians at government level.

Yesterday morning, I did make a call to the White House and I talked to a comment taker at the White House and told her that Iranian people want regime change in Iran and that US-Mullahs direct talks will legitimize the illegitimate regime of Iran in the eyes of its people and undermines the US efforts to fight terrorism effectively.

My message may or may not get to president. I don't know about that and I really don't care because all I had to do was to pick up the phone and call them and I keep my fingers crossed that president hears it, but if 10 or 20 people call and say the same thing then I am sure that it will definitely reach the president and it makes president understand what we want there.

You can really phone elected officials in the US, UK or Canada and voice your concern, but I suggest calling the president of the United States because it is the most effective of them and he has to know what we feel about Iran.

Call or Write to White House

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