Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quality of Life

According to Ireland based "International Living Organization", quality of life in Iran stands at 190th among the 195 countries listed in their chart. Iran is slightly above countries such as Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia and Yemen.

I'd like to congratulate the Mullahs for such a great achievement.
در رده بندی کشورها بر حسب کیفیت زندگی، ایران تحت حاکمیت رژیم ملایان جنایتکار در ردیف صد و نودم از میان یکصد و نود و پنج کشور جهان قرار گرفته است و کمی بالاتر از کشورهایی مثل سودان، یمن، افغانستان، عراق و سومالی قرار دارد. بهمین دلیل خواستم مراتب قدردانی خود را از رژیم کثیف اخوندی اعلام نمایم
لینک اصلی


na said...

good news for mullahs,enemy of iranian!

Bardia said...

درخور توجه کسانیکه می خواستند تمدن اسلامی را در ایرانزمین سرمشق دیگران کنند. جوی آب را از نفت سیراب کنند و آبادیهای آباد را دگربار آباد کنند. کافیست به تمامی کشورهایی که در رده های پایین قرار دارند نگاهی بیاندازیم تنها اشتراکشان تابش نور کور کننده اسلام بوده و هست

ali said...

i think t`s a little far fetched. i mean come on, what about all those African countries, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Chad, Ethiopia, ..etc? i understand the Mullahs have done a lot of screw ups, but this report and ranking is simply inaccurate!

serendip said...

One out of 7 Iranian lives only on one dollar a day in an incredibly wealthy oil-rich country...The number of people living below poverty level is lower in Malysia, Lebanon, Jordan than it is in Iran. This is what they call the government of justice and god.

Sherry said...

close to the bottom I see. Not much of an improvement on the qualities of life while numerous people are out of jobs, starving to death, losing their homes, etc...That regime could care less about anyone but themselves.

serendip said...

This is for Ali:

Empty Tables of Iranian Workers as The Iranian New Year Fastly Approaching:

…As experts predict that the minimum salaries are going to be far below the amount of required living expenses for workers, thosands of workers have not been paid their salaries. As the New Year looming (March 21st), waves of closures and bankruptcies of factories and workshops and laying off of masses of workers, and the refusal of the employers to pay their worker’s salaries, for the Iranian workers life’s oppressive and intolerable pressures have doubled. Iranian workers, despite the hollow promises of Ahmadinejad’s government on justice, this year too, they are going to meet the New Year (No-Rooz) with empty tables.

One out of 7 Iranian lives on one dollar a day (40% live below poverty level) in a vastly rich country.

#44 Bangladesh: 45 %
#45 Burkina Faso: 45 %
#46 Armenia: 43 %
#47 East Timor: 42 %
#48 Ecuador: 41 %
#49 Kyrgyzstan: 40 %
#50 Cambodia: 40 %
#51 Mauritania: 40 %
#52 Guinea: 40 %
#53 Sudan: 40 %
#54 Mexico: 40 %
#55 Philippines: 40 %
#56 Iran: 40 %
#57 Argentina: 38.5 %
#58 Papua New Guinea: 37 %
#59 Côte d’Ivoire: 37 %
#60 Panama: 37 %
#61 Mongolia: 36.1 %
#62 El Salvador: 36.1 %
#63 Tanzania: 36 %
#64 Uganda: 35 %
#65 Laos: 34 %
#66 Belize: 33 %


A small caste of very rich and demonic mullahs and their cronies are reducing most of the Iranian people to abject poverty, drug addiction, prostitution and hoplessness (suicide rates are at all time high) in a country that is immensely wealthy and a culture that loves life, poetry and art. To cover up for all this greed and corruption, religious fundamentalism is a very effective tool of ideological domination of body and mind (culture of death over life). The more Iran sinks into inequality and social injustice, the more fiery the pseudo revolutionary rhetoric of its theocratic ruling elite, and the more dogmatic and intolerant their version of Islam.

Rosemary said...

Dear Serendip,
Maybe this is the only way they can brainwash them to blow themselves up...what kind of god is that?