Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brits Seized

British sailors seized by IRGC and this can be Hostage Crisis version X (I really don't know the actual number of this version, lost track of them, since there have been too many hostage takings by the Islamic regime of Iran since 1979) and one wonders if this has been an intentional move by regime to either trade these Royal Marines with their captured agents in Iraq or to show off muscles in wake of a UNSC session on its nuclear programs. [+]

Whatever it is, I just want to know if the Europeans or Americans still want to have more Behavior Therapy sessions with the mullahs.

Update 1: British sailors were moved to IRGC Ghasr-e-Firouzeh complex in east of Tehran, Times Online reports


Amir said...

Sorry, I guess I am missing something. Did you ever comment on United States' raid against Iranian diplomatic building? Did you call that hostage taking too?

Rosemary said...

This is close to an act of war, but that would only happen if these clowns had anything between their legs...

I e-mailed your "Behavior Change" article to the White House. I thought it was very good, and I hope it is effective.

OT: Did you happen to see this: Look Who's Not Coming to Turtle Bay? It's over at LGF.

Looks as if the USA was doing something behind the scenes this time. I hope. Have a nice day.

C.H. said...

I think the trade and muscle angles are correct and one more thing >> it distracts Iranians and should it result in an attack or retaliation by British, regime hopes it will have a unifying effect on the people.
Regime will do anything, even provoke an attack, to try to unify the people and stay in power longer.

Anon said...

Hello Amir-the-regime-loyalist-and-cry-baby.

Anonymous said...

Most of Iranian think Mullah's are
British servants .
This is just a show off. Ardeshir

Anonymous said...

i guess i know this regime agent aka Amir.

he is a blogger at

and he forgets the US embassy hostage taking too

Ali said...

tit for tat. never ending game.

Ali said...

you guys clearly demonstrate why the Iranian opposition is totally irrelevant and a joke. Iranians in the diaspora keep accusing each other of being agents of Islamic Republic and call each other names and stab each other in the back.
we have no tolerance for opposing views, and are more interested in smearing each other. meanwhile, the real Islamic Republic is ruling Iran and laughing at the likes of you and me.

Anonymous said...

In response to Amir.

Both events have taken place in Iraqi territory. There are even reports that the officers now being debriefed in Iraq could be defectors which would explain why their relatives are being detained in Iran.

Make no mistake that taking these UK personnel will only add in swaying public opinion in the UK against Iran at a time when opinion is divided.

It looks like Iran has fallen for the bait here. This will only help those wanting regine change in Iran, as with Iraq.