Saturday, March 24, 2007

UN is Meaningless

UN has passed another useless resolution on Iranian regime's nuclear program and countries are just suggested to do things like putting voluntary arms embargo or preventing regime's officials from travelling abroad.

UN is proven, again, to be a useless tool when it comes to international affairs.


Louise said...

I agree. Time to dismantel it and build a institution of democracies with provisional memberships for newly emerging democratic states. Their membership should be conditional upon transparency and the elimnation of corruption with report cards issued periodically. If they fail on any count they should be given a set time to improve their performance or be booted out. Aid would go only to those whose report cards show good performance or steady improvement.

Julie Z. said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I disagree, at least for now. Let the UN issue their sanctions, however toothless. They are valuable stepping stones right now, and Iran does NOT want them, because they rightly make them look, to those parts of the world which still pay attention to the UN, to be the bad guys.
Look at the timing. I believe their seizure of British hostages to be a calculated act designed to provoke a small-scale strike by the West, before the Iranian administration loses all internal support from its own people. If we don't play this VERY smart, it could blow up in our faces. If Ahmadinejad can keep up an appearance of acting for the very survival of Islam, rather than bringing its downfall, his administration's stature will be improved among the populace.
Louise, how about creating a parallel association (Union of Free Nations?) with a charter which would have no patience for dictatorships, which would simply, over time, marginalize the UN and all those member states with lousy records? I think the US, Britain, India and others ought to be (quietly) working on this now.
Then when the time is right, we secede, nationalize that nice little piece of real estate on the East River, and sell it to Donald Trump. I think we in the US could come together on this :-)))