Sunday, March 25, 2007

Where are they?

I Talked about the Britons who were captured by the IRGC, and now UK's Times Online is reporting that British sailors were moved to IRGC's Ghasr-e-Firouzeh complex in east of Tehran.

Let's take a look at where they are. I pinpointed two IRGC facilities in east of Tehran, within Ghasre Firouzeh area, through Google earth satellite pictures. And those are places where these poor guys might be held.

The first image shows the entire Ghasre Firouzeh military complex where Iranian armed forces from regular army, air force, IRGC and Police forces are located and have their own bases and buildings. The area also houses the biggest military hospital of the middle east belonging to Air Force and built by Americans in late 70s. It was once a restricted area until mid 1990s and then Tehran was booming so fast that the government had to make some highways around this area and started opening it up to ease the heavy traffic of eastern part of Tehran. Ghasre Firouzeh or Turquoise Palace has taken its name from a Qajarid era palace that is located in that area. Check this image

The Iraqi POWs of 1980s had been settled in a stadium and military prison of Ghasre Firouzeh area until 1991-92.

The 2nd image shows us where IRGC Mechanized Infantry Division is located. And the third one showing us the IRGC main HQ. These are heavily defended areas and armed guards watch over high watch-towers 24/7. Moreover, east of Tehran has always been a place for military facilities. IRGC missile manufacturing factory is just couple of miles away from this area. [Another IRGC HQ photo and here is a better one]

The entire incident will be getting more interesting as days go by. Just let's hope they are released soon...

News flash: Iranians shot at Americans


Ali said...

they are bargaining chips.

c.h. said...

Off hand, the IRGC HQ sounds like the most likely place.

Thanks for the pictures and explanations.

Sir Sefirot said...

Probably they'll intend to use those sailors to get some of their intel people in Iraq or the US back - we'll see if they get it their way.

Jungle Mom said...

Geesh! Why do we put up with this stuff! I really dont get it!

Terry Crane said...

Iranian offer would be to trade lives for lives - those detained to those who will be killed by IEDs set by Iranian agents.

If English want their people back, they need to start destroing Iranian infrastructure of suppression - local branches of Rev. Guards, for examples, as well as airstrips and strategic roads, ammo depots. Everything the Mullahs need to run their people, especially in oil-rich regions.

Avoid civilian casualties, of cause.

Another alternative would be to sink their subs while in ports - all of them at the same time. That will teach a lesson. Are they manned by Rev Guards, or by conscripts?