Sunday, March 25, 2007

What you can do

Kenneth R. Timmerman explains what simple things any citizen can do to help put pressure on the Iranian regime. He is for boycott of those western companies that do business with the mullahs of Iran. I believe that's a good idea if people stop buying gas from Shell or stop buying French or German cars for example.

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Terry Crane said...

Here goes:
1 - Demand from your pols to increase supply of non-ME oil and replacements: Drill in Alaska & Florida, build LNG terminal for Australian gas in Calif, invest into coal liquifying

2 - Shun European brands. Do buy European only if they offer better value for less money (they rarely do) - treat a European brand as a discouragement rather then prestige

3 - invest your time to discover Australian wines, Japanese cars, Israeli fashion design etc. - all that only as an addition to your local talent.

4 - yes, if you have a choice, shun Shell, favour those who source their oil locally - without any drama, nobody is saying you should get stuck of a freeway

5 - treat people who buy European for the sake of it exactly the way you treat those who buy Humvees to commute - no difference, really, both have problems in mental and genital departments.