Friday, March 30, 2007

They Want War

I am beginning to believe that the mullahs of Iran want war so bad, and they'll get it soon. But this time they have miscalculated the entire story.

Mullahs have made some strategic mistakes in the past one year. First their war with Israel via Hezballah. Their second mistake was to let their operatives loose in Iraq which resulted in capture of several of their agents and last one of them was to take British naval personnel hostage.

These mistakes will, hopefully, put an end to their rule!


Amir said...

... and destruction of our motherland.

Let's do what we can to prevent that from happening.

na said...

"they" wanna war?give them!
"they" think, it is sep.22 1980!!

28 saal khesarati ke az jomh. eslami be iran vared shode va khesarati ke dar ayande tavassote in regiem be iran vared khahad shod(economy va FARHANGI) kheyli bishtar az in jange ehtemali khahad bood!

almane baƔd az jange jahanie 2. ra ba almane emrooz moghayese konid. anha bayad az sefr shoroo mikardan!

agar ma iranian kheyli mihandoost hastim va az tajavoze biganegan ba jan o del defaa mikonim,chera be "inha" ejazeh dadim mihaneman ra be gerogan begirend?

sedahaee az mardome iran be goosh miresad ke migooyand: hazerim baraye AZADYE iran jan dahim! vali na az defaaee ke monjar be mandane in regiem khahad shod.

regime mullaha be har "gheymati" ke shode bayad nabood shavad.

ba omide azadye iran,che behtar bedoone jang.

Frieda said...

the only person who will benefit from the war is Rafsanjani...maybe he wants this war, so Ahmandinejad will be toppled and he can make a deal with the West and fill the vacuum for a while.

Anonymous said...

Lets just hope the Iranian people do not suffer... I hope this ends quickly.


Anonymous said...

I think this is acto of desperation on the Iranian part. They know their days are numbered either from inside or outside...

Sina said...

Amen :)

Adrian from Denmark said...

They are expecting the Mahdi to come and help them :,7340,L-3346589,00.html

And :

Kafir said...

It's been suggested that Imadamnutjob wants war because it will line everyone up behind him and thereby stop the splintering that's going on in Iran. Perhaps that is why the UK, US, and EU are going soft on him because they know it's worse for him than if they strike. What do you think?

Rosemary said...

Did you hear the same rumor I did? I heard that they are releasing one of the 'Iranian diplomats' soon. WHAT? I pray this is not true. This may sound cruel, but 15 armed forces lives are not worth the damage that will be done if this is an matter whose soldiers they are.