Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where is the outrage?

I wonder if the so-called civilized Iranian people who get angry at silly things like the 300 movie would be as much angry and outraged at the recent hostage taking or not.

I want to see the outrage among the Iranian people now.

ملت ایران که زودی 1000 جور پتیشن و امضا واسه فیلمی مثل 300 جمع میکنه ایا الان هم حاضره سر این قضیه گروگانگیری انگلیسیها سر و صدا کنه و ابراز انزجار خودشو به زبون بیاره؟!؟


Aryamehr said...

Winston I think Iranians feel that the Brits deserved this whether it was justified or not - taking into consideration all the misery that Britain has imposed on our nation all the way back to the supporting the mullah's at the beginning of the 20th century to more recently legitimizing and conducting lucrative deals with them ; in effect keeping them in power. And Iranians will not forget about the British involvement in the 1979 Islamist Revolt and how they assisted in the success of that revolt. They say if you lift the beard of a mullah you will find that it says "Made in Britain".

That said the idiot mullah's couldn't even come up with false coordinates to support their version of the story!!

Although I absolutely detest British policy against the Islamic Republic and the past British history in supporting the enemies of Iran I do hope that these sailors will be released unharmed.

Anonymous said...

When Iranian patrol boats (as in more than one) crossed into Iraqi waters earlier this year, the Iraqi Security Forces told them to leave. I wonder how Ahmadinejad would've felt if the Iraqi Navy would've captured the Iranian patrol instead?!

Rancher said...

I’d like to see some outrage from the British. Here’s some of the comments on a BBC Blog."

Good on Iran! Finally someone with the guts to stand up to a has-been colonial power that for some reason still thinks it can patrol the world. Britain as an international power is a 100 years past its sell-by date. The best way to resolve the dispute and prevent any future disputes is to get the British forces out of the Gulf now."

"I am wondering why this subject is getting so important?They will be release soon.Why we don't care about those IRAQI CHILDREN whom are loosing their parents infront of their eyes?thei'r country is blocked of our soldier because of THEIR OWN OIL.In another words we steal their oil and we make them miserable in order to make our life better!IS THIS JUSTICE?"

"Those sailors are enemy combatants and not protected by the Geneva Conventions. They should be held by Iran for the next few years to be "robustly" interrogated and then put to trial."

"There is no such thing anymore as "International Law". You thought that would have worked against 2 countries invading a sovereign nation in a war of aggression built on lies, but no. Why should Iran follow International Law when we blatantly don't? Pot calling kettle black?"

"The appropriate response from the UK is "we do not believe that our sailors were in Iranian waters, but if for any reason they strayed - whilst attempting to improve security in the region, in the interests of all countries in the gulf - then we apologise wholeheartedly, it was an unintentional infringement and we appeal to the Iranian government to release them immediately".

Anonymous said...

The old Fox will do everything possible to keep the Silk road open,the Mullah's send their resume to BBC ,Ido hope that the British sailors will be released unharmed.

Amir said...

You are right. We, Iranians, have to work for the release of the Brits, both for their wellbeing, and for Iran's interests. I did my part: I faxed a letter to my hometown's parliament member requesting the 15 Brits' release. I have never written a petition, but will sign it if I find one.