Thursday, April 5, 2007

Canada's move

Canadians ask the government to divest from Iran and put more pressure on the Islamic regime of Iran by freezing their possible investments here in Canada and banning regime's officials and their families from travelling to Canada.

So far, many states in the US, including Maryland, Virginia and California have already passed Iran Divestment Legislation. This move sends a strong signal to the regime and its cronies here in North America that they are no more welcome here.

It is Canada's turn to press the Islamic regime of Iran.

Updated 1: More on Divestment bills across America

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خیابان شماره 11 said...

This mother fucking moron, Hoder, has compared Mosadegh to this freak, Ahmadi Nejad. I am very pissed.
What can you expect from a hardly educated son of a bitch who thinks Will Farrel is the funniest American comedian? This guy should be sent to Nebraska to farm corn rather than writing political stuff.