Friday, April 6, 2007


Ken Taylor, former Canada's envoy to Iran:
    Iran is trying to shed its wild-card image and establish itself as a mature country willing to negotiate by releasing 15 captured Britons, former Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor said yesterday.
It's the very mistake I thought many naive people including even seasoned diplomat like former ambassador Taylor would make in the western world, and the mistake is that many may believe the mullahs of Iran wanted to show their so-called mature face to the world in the wake of the crisis over their nuclear weapons program.

My personal take is that clerics did this hostage taking to achieve a few major strategic goals:

1) To divert the world attention from their nuke programs for as long as possible. 2) To tell the world that we take hostages and we create crises but you 'the free world' can still negotiate with us and our nuclear issues can be discussed as well. 3) Like I said in number 1, they need time to develop and finalize their nuclear weapons program therefore the longer they can drag the issue, the better. Mullahs kidnap some British sailors, hold them, release them and then make the naive western world believe that diplomacy may work with them and that's exactly what they want: To drag this thing as long as possible, because all they need is time and we're giving them the time they need to build the A-Bomb.

The free world must remember that this is the very same regime which has no mercy for its own people and those who oppose it. And the free world must also remember that this theocratic regime stops short of nothing to do what it was created for to do which is to export its radical version of Islam through out the world and spread its shiite poison around the mideast region. The next few months are very critical in dealing with this evil regime.


Louise said...

We're in a sorry state of affairs when (if) leaders like Tony Blair and George Bush give in to this nonsense. My only hope is that there is something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. The trouble with democracy is people get the governments that they deserve. With public opinion so soured against Blair and Bush, I'm afraid we are headed for some very grim times.

katayoun said...

Dear Winston:

The political shift in the EU and the U.S. is going to make us grief even more!
The only hope is Us, the compatriots who would fight against the regime till these demons are removed, or otherwise, we are doomed to suffer!

Doroud bar Tu yare Irani

Anonymous said...

What "nuke program" are you talking about? Iran doesn't have a nuke program. This is a lie and you seem to be spreading this lie. You are a traitor.

Anonymous said...


you're a gutless moron