Friday, April 6, 2007

O' Canada!

Opinion Journal:
    "Canada is the only nation other than Cuba and North Korea that bans private health insurance..."
I was chatting with my American friend about how students are being brain-washed at our university about those 40 milion people in the US who, apparently, don't have health insurance and then I had to do some google search when I came across the above article.

This is the Soviet Union of Canada, isn't it?


Blackstone said...

That 40 million soundbite is quite a coup for the monopolists. It means that many don't have coverage some time in the year. That could be people who don't have it in between two jobs for like a week. It could also mean young people who choose not to buy it. It doesn't mention that governments cover emergency treatment now.

Of course, banning private health insurance doesn't prevent a two tier system from forming. There's already a two tier system--the rich who fly to the US or Europe to get their treatment. Banning private health insurance mostly widens the gap between the super rich and the middle class.

katayoun said...

Now, it is time for Canadian Universal Health care system. The Election is coming up, very soon.


Louise said...

Hmmm. Not that I'm a big fan of Canada's health care system, but Americans seem to have just as many misconceptions about it as we do of their system. Canada's system is not "government run" as the author of that piece says. It is government funded. There's a difference.

And as far as private insurance is concerned, has the writer never heard of
"">Blue Cross

There are certain types of health services that aren't allowed in the private sector, which I think should change, but medical insurance is not one of them.

winston said...

blackstone, you have a great weblog. wish you let people comment on your entries too.

Thnx for stopping by!

Evange said...

My mom is a doctor, and my dad is a business person. So for the past 12 years that our family has lived in Canada, my parents (mostly my dad) have been scheming how to get around the ban on private health care.

A few years ago I was working for my dad over the summer, and I wasn’t very interested in working, so mostly I just played Neopets, but when I got bored with that I read the computer and medical trade magazines. And I came across an article that mentions this same tidbit. So I went to talk to my dad about it, And he asked one of the programmers that works for him, who happens to be Cuban. And he said that it’s not true. Even Cuba has some sort of private health care!!!

Although I think the idea of universal health care is well intentioned, How could giving everyone access to health care be a bad thing, right? Unfortunately, the Canadian health care system works by dragging those who can afford health care down, instead of lifting those who cant up.

And I think this stems from a greater problem in Canadian culture and outlook. A belief that if someone is rich, it’s because they’ve done something wrong or cheated to get there. As opposed to the states which has more of a belief that if you’re poor you’ve done something wrong to deserve it.