Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Are you a Jew?

When I got into a fruitless political debate with a leftist German individual regarding the war on terrorism, radical Islam, Israeli-Palestinian conflict and president Bush's policies in Iraq, I was shocked to hear this question at the end of the argument:

Are you Jewish?

Well, if being against the assholes and idiots of this world means to be a Jew, then I am very well proud to be one. No question asked! But it runs deeper than what you and I think. Back in Iran, I could also be considered an agent of Zionists if I disagreed with the theocratic regime and therefore they would label me with "You are a Jew" tag as well.

It is ironic, I'd say!


Anonymous said...

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goli said...

Welcome to the folk!

programmer craig said...

goli, "folk" is the anglo-saxon! it's "volk" in German :)

Winston, I get called a Jew all the time on Arab blogs and it drives me crazy. You're handling it a lot better than I do!

shlemazl said...

Be careful what you say. We'll have you as one of ours in no time at all!

armin said...

The Primates make our task harder.

Evange said...

I've been called a jew over the internet.... both as an insult and a compliment.

Incognito said...

It *is* amazing that one is atuomatically pegged as Jewish if one believes in the right of Israel to exist. Usually it's said in a derogatory manner.
People are idiots.

Wet Coaster said...

If you hang out on "progressive" forums like....Babble (appropriately named) then in order to be a Jew you have to sell out by proclaiming that you are not like the "others" and are anti-Zionist.Otherwise you are constantly subjected to abuse, especially by the "progressive" moderators.