Sunday, May 13, 2007

In Berlin

The first picture is the famous Checkpoint Charlie where East met West in Berlin. The 2nd one is, of course, the controversial Holocaust Memorial in center of Berlin. The 3rd one is the famous Brandenburg gate. Fourth image shows the actual remains of the Berlin Wall that shut the east Berlin off the world. And the last one is the beautiful Protestant church of Berlin that had been badly damaged during the WW II but some restorations works done in 1980s returned this pretty piece of architecture to life and it is now being used as a church and also a museum.

You can click on any picture to enlarge.


Louise said...

I always imagined the Berlin Wall would be higher than that. It seems rather smaller than its historical significant merits.

shlemazl said...


Sorry to be off-topic, but I need your help. I have a misinformed Iranian woman on my blog implying that I am racist and claiming that treatment of women in Iran is not that bad.

Can you have a look and comment?


Winston said...

Shlemazl, I'd be happy to help but I also suggest that you ignore such assholes!

katyoun said...


enjoyed the pictures, and the explanation that came with them.

Good Time in Europe!!