Thursday, May 17, 2007

They know better

Having talked to many Europeans including the very liberals and anti-American commies to the supporters of the war on terrorism one thing is now clear to me:

Europeans know that their identity is lost, they're also aware of demographics and decline of birth rates in their old continent and more than that they are clearly aware that the Christianity is dying and therefore Islamism is on the move all over the place. But they don't really know one important thing and it is 'How to deal with these issues?' and they seem to be unable to do something about it. For one thing their secular governments do not interfere with matters of religious nature and on the other hand their very own liberal and tolerant policies have fed the enemy they don't know much about but fear a lot.

Europe is in a sad state of affairs!


Jungle Mom said...

Let Europe be a warning to North America!

Louise said...

Maybe they should read America Alone by Mark Styne.

shlemazl said...

They do have a problem. Their productivity growth is lagging that in the States AND their numbers are going down. Their birth rate is below reproduction + they do not allow immigration like us or the States.

In ~20 years Europe will be an economic backwater noone cares about. It's going to be all about N America, China and India.

Painlord2k said...

The demographic trend is not so bad as people write. And, if muslims become a too big problem, we know a few way to solve the problem.

Whiners don't build an empire, nor they keep it.

Lucky the few muslims that will be able to leave Europe before the storm, because few will be able to leave Europe after.

NOMAD said...

which country are you talking about ? Germany , yes the birth rate in Germany is low as in slavic countries, Italy and Spain ; it depends on their government to make a birth politic as we have in France since several decades and our birth rate is the higher in western countries.
You would be surprised that our muslins don't get profit of it more than the french : when muslins get educated degrees they have not more children than us, 2 3 . the only immigrants who have more children are the new ones, and for most of them they came here as illegals ; now, we wait for a strong policy against providing helps for illegals, so far it's in Sarkozy 's Programm