Saturday, May 5, 2007

Truly Scary

You're looking down thru the glass floor at CN Tower, and I admit it was really scary. My legs were frozen at the time I was standing there and shaking a bit. However, it got normal after a few minutes and fear was gone. I liked it up there!


Jungle Mom said...

No! No! I don't think so! I am dizzy thinking about it!

Alex Morris said...

Dear Winston,

My name is Alex Morris and I'm a post-graduate student in London. I am currently researching for an online feature on the recent human rights history in Iran, particularly focusing on the government’s control over freedom of speech. I am keen to get numerous points of view across, as the piece is to be published on my University website as part of the Human Rights module.

I was wondering if you would care to participate in the piece with an interview – via e-mail. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know, I can be contacted on :

Thanks very much.

C.H. said...

I'm not generally afraid of heights, but that would make me hesitate for a moment.
; )

C.H. said...

Alex Morris -

"the recent human rights history"

By 'recent', you mean the past 28yrs?