Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was talking to the blogger at The World According To Chester today and we discussed many issues but one thing I told Chester was that I hope any change in Iran would happen while President Bush is still in the White House because whenever the DemoNRats decided to do some thing about Iran, they have been disastrous. And I dont trust the Dems at all. They're terrible when it comes to enforcing the foreign policies of the United States.

I just hope any changes happen during the Bush's remaining term.


Jungle Mom said...

You are spot on!! The dem's seem to excel at creating disasters and them a republic government has to go do the dirty work of cleaning it up, often even when the public opinion is against them.

City boy said...

The other thing is that it would also be best while Ahmadinejad is still in power, because currently people are as pissed off as they have ever been now.

RoxieAmerica said...

Iran is on a collision course with the world - the question is not if the world will confront Iran, but when the world will confront Iran.

Will it be after they obtain nuclear weapons or before? Will it be before Iran and Russia helps Chavez get well armed or after.

Neither party in America excits me these days. Some say there is too much corruption, others say their is too much greed -- but I could swear sometimes I think it is too much ignorance. For example, those advocating "talking to Iran will change Iran." Have they ever tried to have a conversation with a religious extremist?

Oh I got her from my friend, serendip's blog.