Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Victims of Communism

President Bush addressed the dedication ceremony of the 'Victims of Communism Memorial' today in Washington:

    It's important that we recall these lessons because the evil and hatred that inspired the death of tens of millions of people in the 20th century is still at work in the world. We saw its face on September the 11th, 2001. Like the Communists, the terrorists and radicals who attacked our nation are followers of a murderous ideology that despises freedom, crushes all dissent, has expansionist ambitions and pursues totalitarian aims. Like the Communists, our new enemies believe the innocent can be murdered to serve a radical vision. Like the Communists, our new enemies are dismissive of free peoples, claiming that those of us who live in liberty are weak and lack the resolve to defend our free way of life. And like the Communists, the followers of violent Islamic radicalism are doomed to fail. By remaining steadfast in freedom's cause, we will ensure that a future American President does not have to stand in a place like this and dedicate a memorial to the millions killed by the radicals and extremists of the 21st century.

And damn, I should have stayed a bit longer in D.C to be able to see this memorial too.


Evange said...

I really think taht eventually people will just get sick and tired of terrorism, and fight back.

And also, as a christian, I see the islamic world crumbling from the inside. Even though apostacy is punishable by death, Bibles are banned in most places, and missionaries are banned in just about all places, there has still been growth of teh christian church.

Islam, least of all islamic extremism, is not sustainable in any way shape or form.

I expect islam to disapear, or at least go back inside its shell, within the century.

It's gonna get a lot worse befor eit gets better though.

Nuking mecca would probably speed things up a bit.

Evange said...

Also communism blows.

serendip said...

Excellent speech.