Saturday, June 30, 2007

We Can Do It

Almost every Persian language news web site, forum and blog talk about the gas ration and its aftermath in Iran. However, what all of us hear about is that riots of two nights ago were not limited to Tehran and almost every small town or city in the country was burning. Iranians often forget the power they have and the way they can project that. For the past 48 hrs, we saw their power and how it works.

From southern port of Bandar Abbas all the way to NE city of Mashad, ordinary people had decided to go out and join the riots. According to regime's own news sources, 2 people killed and 160 injured in central city of Yasuj. In NE city of Bojnord, 800 taxi drivers decided to walk out and gather in front of governor's office and block the roads and police was unable to scatter them [+]. SW city of Ahwaz witnessed mass protests of poor people whose only income is through driving cabs and all major roads were blocked for few hours. NW city of Tabriz saw a great moment of its own when people decided to take control of the gas stations and distribute the gas at the pre-ration price. The poor city of Zabol in SE of the country also saw some riots.

The most important aspect of all the above reports is that the country saw 2 days of violent protests and as far as I understand these riots caught the regime security apparatus off-guard. Such moves, in the future, will help cripple the government and might result in changes we all want to see. It's very important that the proposed UK plan to blockade Iran and the US Congress proposal to deny gasoline to the regime would go into effect as fast as possible.

These measures along with the possible riots can make a dangerous mixture which will enable the regime change. We can do it!


Chester said...


Louise said...

It's getting closer, Winston. If and when the regime collapses, there will be a big, big change in the whole Middle East dynamic. I am waiting with bated breath.

City boy said...

Inshallah :) excellent post, very important point - we CAN, and the time is NOW!

Roy Eappen said...

I pray for the day when HIH Prince Reza Pahlevi will return to the throne. I posted about this also.
The mullahs will be overthrown. Their reign of terror will be overthrown by the young.

Hidden Author said...

Fighting the mullahs is a good thing. But if the Coalition blockades Iran then the people of Iran may start to believe the line of the mullahs. Namely that the whole crisis is America's fault and not the fault of the mullahs themselves!

Rob said...

Democracy only seems to work when people take it by force using their own blood. I hope the people of Iran will some day decide they want freedom at any cost, and pay the price and earn it. The future generations will thank them.