Saturday, June 30, 2007

It can happen to us, too!

What has happened in Britain in the past few days, can easily happen to us here in North America. We've got to remember that neither Canada nor the United States is immune to terror attacks and the tactics used by the radical Muslim terrorists in UK can be employed here as well. This is not only a criminal act. This is a war and the terrorists are determined to wage this battle until we are exhausted and defeated.

We have to stay vigilant in this idealogical war, and fight them back! Our future is depended on how we wage the war on terror against them. But we have to ask us two major questions: Can we defeat them?! What does it take to defeat them?!


chester said...

John Edwards and other democrats/liberals don't believe in the War on Terrorism. They think it's a bunch of hype and a catchy label that the Bush Administration just came up with.
Somehow I doubt these recent events in Britain have changed their minds.
That's why they're dangerous.

Louise said...

All it takes to defeat them is the collective will. That is what's missing, especially in Canada.

Rosemary said...

Um...fight back?

In WWII, when necessary, we would take out railroads, water supplies, etc, and if there were too many enemy people in an area, we bombed the whole area. We didn't care about how the world felt about. We were fighting to win.

We did not lock up our soldiers and let the enemy go free. We did not allow the courts to run roughshod on the generals. The press even stayed in line or went to jail. (If they told secrets.)

I suppose maybe the people in congress and the president don't really want to win this war, but you and I can be a light to all of us that want total victory!

God bless you, and I'll talk to you later. Have a good evening.