Sunday, June 24, 2007


Check these photos

That's how rationing petrol is affecting the people's daily lives across Iran. Photos were taken in SE of the country near the Pakistan-Iranian border where local people are selling gasoline and other types of fuel to car owners for higher prices. This is a black market so to speak. Since the gas stations are extremely crowded and some clashes reported over petrol and ration cards, ordinary people just buy gas wherever they can and at any available price in order not to go through the frustrating hassle of ration cards and long lines in the stations. Interesting, isn't it?


Bita said...

به این میگویند ایرانیِ آباد و اسلامی

Rob said...

I got a brilliant idea. Lets convince the masses that it's our national right to have nuclear power and spend billions of dollars on it and have sanctions impact our economy for billions more while we can't even refine enough gasoline for ourselves.