Saturday, June 23, 2007


Iran Leads the World in Executing Children says Human Rights Watch organization:
    “Iran holds the deplorable distinction of leading the world in juvenile executions, and the authorities should end this practice at once,” said Clarisa Bencomo, children’s rights researcher on the Middle East at Human Rights Watch. “The Iranian government needs to stop sending children to the gallows and start living up to its international obligations by issuing clear legislation to ban the juvenile death penalty.”
Human Rights Watch is asking for too much! Mullahs and respect for the international obligations?!? Nah, that ain't gonna happen under the rule of mullahs... Sigh!


Louise said...

Human Rights Watch and other similar organizations are very good at raising awareness, but piss poor at doing something about it. As with Afghanistan and Iraq, they instantly cry foul when a group of countries forms a coalition and topples a wretched regime. Makes you wonder what their real motivation is.

Regimes like this are dangerous, not only to their own citizens. While I agree that all avenues need to be exhausted before taking the drastic step of going to war, if those steps don't work, then what? Just walk away? I don't think so. Especially if the brutal regime in question is in one way or another attacking those countries and others.

Neither Great Britain, nor any of her then colonies of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and India were directly attacked by Germany, but that didn't stop them from going to war against the Nazis and I'm glad they did. Any prudent person would do the same thing to protect his home and family. Nations must to likewise.

I guess we are not at that stage yet with Iran, but how much longer are we going to wait for the lesser steps to produce results. If the opposition groups in Iran cannot get their act together, others cannot be expected to just lay down and let the regime grow stronger and more threatening. It's not all about just the brutalization of Iranian citizens by their own government. They are not the only ones threatened by this regime. I hope those in opposition understand this.

Bardia said...

Murderers. Exactly title for...

chester said...

"Iran is known to have executed at least three juvenile offenders in 2004, eight in 2005, and four in 2006. In total numbers, only China carries out more executions than Iran. On a per capita basis, Iran executes more people annually than any other country."

I still thought China was in the lead, but I guess not.

Rob said...

China still kills more people over all, but as a percentage of population Iran has them covered.

With Iran's government's official numbers being what they are you may well have to add a zero to some of those figures.