Friday, July 13, 2007

Iranian Police Brutality

This is how Police treat people in Iran.... They don't care if the individual is guilty or innocent. This is how Islamic regime treats its own citizens.


گل حسین حمزه آرا said...

با هلوی (درود)فراوان!
من که چیزی از انگلیسی سردر نمی آورم اما شک ندارم که در راه آزادی و رهائی وطن بیچاره مان می نویسی! پس درود بر آزادی و آزادگی

serendip said...

This is too gut wrenching. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

katayoun said...

Brutality has been the way with Moslem people. this is what Islam is about--humiliation, insult, abuse, and atrocity towards those who do not respond to the message of Islam in Iran.

Alexander said...

Bastards! They are on their last leg!