Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Duncan Hunter

I, hereby, declare my support for Congressman Duncan Hunter of California, in the U.S Presidential campaign.

Although he may have no chance to be the next US president, his stance on numerous issues including Iran, China, immigration, the war in Iraq and especially on the struggle against terrorism is very close to those of the late President Reagan in the 1980s. Therefore, I'd like to say that he has my full support in this race as much as I can and until he is either out of the race or defeated... See more about Mr. Hunter's stance on various issues

The Official Site of Duncan Hunter for US President in 2008

This is actually about Duncan Hunter's stance on critical issues, and I'd say probably other candidates like Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are also excellent ones. But for now, I urge you to do every thing you can to help Congressman Hunter to be known in your community and among your friends. This will raise his chances dramatically. I'd like to see our Iranian expats living in the States to get together and promote him as a viable option in this race.

Mr. Hunter deserves any amount of support he can get...


programmer craig said...

I watched several of those videos, Winston, and I like his political stances. I don't like what he intends to do with the the US military, though. Particularly the Marines Corps. The Marine Corps has grown from 120,000 troops to 180,000 troops in the last 6 years. Yet it still consists of 4 Divisions (1 Reserve) and 4 Air Wings (1 Reserve) - essentially, a lot of extra infantry battalions have been added to the existing Infantry Divisions... and Duncan Hunter suggest adding even more infantry battalions, bringing the total to over 200,000.

That is NOT how the Marine Corps functions! It's a combined air, land and sea force, meant to be small and fast moving. You can't just add infantry. Where are the ships to transport them? Where are the extra planes, helicopters, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, etc to support them? The only way to get those things for the newly added infantry, is to take them away from other Marine Corps infantry units! We may be getting away with this in Iraq, because it's a relatively stagnant occupation, but what about when those troops have to go on the offensive again? Are we going to send 60,000 to 80,000 "extra" infantrymen into battle, without any support?

And I'm not suggesting that the Marine Corps be expanded even further to include all those support units, either. The Marine Corps was only 130,000 troops during Reagan's Cold War peak. It was roughly the size it is right now, during World War II! If it goes up to 200k as Duncan Hunter suggests, that will be larger than the USMC has ever been.

It's not the function of the USMC to be a large ground combat organization, and it never has been. If we do that to the USMC they lose quite a bit of their lethality. And their utility, as well.

It's OK to boost the Army like that. The Army isn't organized like the Marines, and they aren't as specialized. They have Armored Divisions, they have Airborne Divisions, they have Cavalry Divisions, they have Infantry Divisions, etc. The Army isn't integrated like the USMC is, and the Army isn't as specialized in it's purpose, either. The Army could be 10 times the size it is now, easy, and no harm done. Lets do that. But leave the USMC the hell alone. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Sorry for ranting but I spent 6 years in the Marines and it really pisses me off to see them being turned into just another version of the US Army.

chester said...

I'm behind Duncan Hunter.
Fred Thompson's my 2nd choice.
Hunter could make a good Secretary of Defense too, seeing as how his chances are slim for President.
With Bolton as Secretary of State.
: )

It's time to show our enemies where the beef is and who they're up against.

Winston said...

Yeah, I know how Marines are proud of being Marines and hate being Army. LMAO!

programmer craig said...


Hey, I'm serious, though. Why do we even need the US Marines, if they are going to be just like the US Army?

Jungle Mom said...

I'm for Fred, but Duncan would be next in line for me.

Anon said...

Hey Jungle Mom - Why are you for Fred over Hunter? Hunter has a lot more experience and was Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, among other things. I don't understand why someone would choose Fred over Duncan. Is it his looks or height?
The only answer I ever hear is that Duncan doesn't have a chance. I never hear why Fred is the better man for the job.

chester said...

Giuliani is too liberal for you, Winston

Jungle Mom said...

anon, I think Fred can win, not sure about Duncan, could change later. The most important thing to me is that a dem does not get in!!!

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I have been with Duncan from the beginning. I have written about him, donated to his campaign, etc. After this last showing at the Iowa straw poll, I am very sad. He is not taking advantage of the net in the way that he should. I do not understand why he would have a website that takes more than a minute to come up, either.

Huckabee said he would ask Duncan to be his SecDef. As long as Duncan is in the Adminstration, I know we will be moving in the right direction.

BTW, Programmer, Duncan is a FORMER MARINE! HOOAAH!