Saturday, August 11, 2007


A terrorist related billboard has suddenly appeared in Windsor, Ontario, openly supporting the genocidal radical Islamic terrorist group Hizbollah, including a statement in English about “peace” and a statement in Arabic about “fighting.”

(h/t LGF)

Chester says Canada is a lawless land until you want to sell a right-wing book!

The billboard featuring terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah in Windsor, Ontario, has been quietly removed today. But the fact is that the supporters of the terrorist group Hezbollah are still among us here in Canada!


Bita said...

Winston Jan,

Now, if you and I try to do something, put up a picture on a wall, there will be lawsuits coming out of our ear!

Where to we run away to???


ذره بین said...

وینستون گرامی،

این عمامه بسری که عکس رخش بروی دیواری،در وینسور کانادا، حک است، رهبر خرابکاران ارتش المهدی است. به به، به به، کانادا هم شد یک لندستانِ دیگر. تا باشد حضرت مهدی را در تورنتو ملاقات کنیم. از قرار قرادادهای تجاری بین جمهوری ننگین اسلامی و کانادای ملکه الیزابتی، بسیار دندان گیرند!!
و ما هم که هنوز اندر خم یک کوچه ایم.

ذره بین

programmer craig said...

Is that material support for terrorism? In Canada, I mean? I don't see any gray area here. Somebody is openly supporting a terrorist organization - one that has been defined so by the Canadian government.

I don't understand why there has to be a "meeting" to figure out what to do about this billboard?

Anon said...

Neither do I Craig.

Winston said...

ذره بین جان اون عکس سرکرده تروریستهای حزب اله لبنان هست

serendip said...

That is Hassan Nassarallh's picture. Our own democracy is our doom. Check this out. Islamization of Brussels

ذره بین said...

با عرض معذرت،

وینستون جان: این فاشیستها همه سر و ته یک کرباسند.

Patrick Ross said...

I found the bit about the terrorist leader being a "freedom fighter" and about how he's "a pretty good guy" because he helps people with their medical bills.

Drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia do that, too. They aren't "pretty good guys".

It's a pretty common tactic.

Louise said...

Winston, according to a commenter at Small Dead Animals, the billboard poster has been taken down. I gather City Hall was inundated with complaints.


Bita said...

Well done to the City, and its vigilant community.

Anon said...

I'm glad they took it down so fast. I thought they would.
Good work

katayoun said...

I've got a link to this post, and of course, with your permission