Tuesday, August 7, 2007


US Women's Softball team is in Tehran and their presence is all over the regime's news media as probably what I can call "Propaganda Campaign".

What does "Friendship" mean when Iranian regime is hell bent on killing American soldiers in Iraq? Well, you may say this is inter-people stuff but, hello!!!! Any thing of this sort has the official stamp of the theocratic regime of Iran.

Moreover, look these Americans are wearing Hijab... Wink! Wink!

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katayoun said...

In the era of propaganda, these types of Friendships are the most desirable for the "public". On one hand, the regime in Iran calls the US, the Great Satan, and on the other, the American Sisters have been enjoying their stay in Iran, the country which was declared as one of the Axes of Evil.

So, a couple of years ago, we saw that Hollywood "discovered Iran". Then, it was Mr. Sean Penn's visit of the country and his "penning his journal" in a Friday's prayer (Namaz-e Joomeh), and now we have the Sisters in Iran. I wonder when the president of the US is scheduled to have his state dinner in Jamara?


bolandgoo said...

Dear Winston:
Thanks for this educational post. I just realized that I don’t know what is going on within the political world. Does it sound like the Government of the United State of America is making a deal with this fascist regime, or am I day-dreaming for some unknown reason?

RoxieAmerica said...

It is a mixed message, playing nice to great satan's people - a great distraction to the realities that Iran is exporting it's Islamic revolution at an increasing rate, holding off the IAEA's requests for transparency and building weapons like mad.

Winston said...

It's highly unlikely that US government has a hand in such creepy moves. It's a democratic and transparent government and they wouldn't hide their intentions. But it is the naive westerners who bought into the hands of mullahs and their likes and become a tool in the mullahs' propaganda campaign. But, the Iranian women team can't hold any , and I say any, match with any foreign team unless it is approved by the ministry of intelligence or islamic guidance of the regime. Thats why I am furious at such things. Americans must know better but it seems that they don't.

Jungle Mom said...

Americans can be so naive sometimes and down right dangerous when they do this stuff! Drives me crazy! Sean Penn just visited Chavez as well. More propaganda.

Anonymous said...

What if this softball stuff results in the populace learning more about the Americans and our values? What if it helps create a hunger for the freedoms we enjoy, that they do not? What if it plays a role in the growth of a movement that fosters a change in the Iranian regime? What if they supply enough women's softball bats to arm a feminist revolution?

Brandon said...

God Bless Adhmenijad.