Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Revised Essay on Carter

I had to write a major essay about a US foreign policy that has shaped the world for my international diplomacy course and I chose to write about the infamous peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter. It had to be revised as my professor wanted and so I did. And now I thought some of you out there would like to read this new version and see what I have done.

Updated: Get it here if you would like to read the essay

Another link

Updated II: 1st of May 2008: Had to update the location of the original file.


a. said...

Great job, Winston!
Keep up the great work.

programmer craig said...

I completely agree with your all your major points in the essay, Winston. That's the conclusion I've come to after reading extensively about it, and that's the way I remember it as a teenager in the US at the time, too.

I would suggest you include the Camp David accords as something that Carter was busy with. They are widely considered to be his only real success, and it give the appearance of bias for you to not mention them. Perhaps you can mention the fact that the deal was one that Sadat had wanted ever since 1973, so it took no real effort on Jimmy Carter's part :)

Do you have somebody to proof-read it for you? There are some minor grammatical errors.

I'd give you high marks on it. But I hope your prof is more conservative that the average American college professor! Either that, or that he is open minded :)

Jungle Mom said...

I think your grade will depend on your Professors political leanings.

SERENDIP said...

I think Jungle mom is right. Great essay overall.

saggezard said...

Great work, very good support from various published sources. You started with the fact that Carter stressed human rights as his foreign policy driving force, in conclusion before you mention that his policies failed, I believe you should remind the reader of the fact that not only a chaotic international menace was created but also the human rights has drastically worsened in Iran.

Kash Kheirkhah said...

I read it word by word. It was a great piece, very well argued and didn't sound biased to me at all. Also, I really loved the title. It's the ultimate truth! BTW, I'm really honored to have been of any help in it. As for your score, jungle mom is right. I know what you are up against since I live in Canada myself!

Once again, great job.

Anonymous said...

Great work Winston, you are natural writer.

Do agree with programmer Craig in regards to Camp David. Has been flouted here as his badge of honor when in reality it should be his proof of ineptness and failed leadership abilities, But of course the media praises these traits as accomplishes instead of the simply stating the truth.

Of course I'm no prof, however I fear Jungle Mom is right, if your prof is hard-lined liberal leaning, well, you know...

I'd give it an A.


Rob said...

In effect Sun Tzu said that for any nation to be effective it has to have the Tao-te, or The Way, meaning it moves with a unified motion and reason in all it's actions. Any nation that moves as such is invincible even though small, any nation that moves without it will be weak, no matter how large or mighty it's army. Master Sun said that any leader that can not induce the Tao-te in the people will fail, sadly the US has had only one leader, Reagan, who managed to induce any form of unity of motion in the US in the last 30+ years, even Bush, for all his will power, has failed due to various failings in his leadership style.