Saturday, September 15, 2007

Free the dogs

One more reason as to why Iran must be rid of the dirty Islamofascist clerics
    In an unprecedented move, Iran's police have created a dog "prison" in Tehran. The move is part of a crackdown on what officials describe as immoral and un-Islamic behavior, during which thousands of young men and women have been detained or received warnings about the way they are dressed. Radio Farda reports that Tehran pet-owners are now also among those under pressure from the authorities.
Ah, I demand "Regime Change" for the sake of the dogs, cats, wildlife, trees, rivers and at last but not the least, human beings. I mean, literally, who has been safe from the rule of these Islamonazi mullahs since 1979?

اقا به خاطر سگ های بی زبون هم که شده باید از شر این اخوندهای خون اشام خلاص شد. من در تعجبم که چه چیزی از گزند این فاشیستهای اسلامی از سال 57 در امان بوده. واقعا که مضحکه خاص و عام شده اند این ملایان پست فطرت


Jungle Mom said...

Maybe PETA will get on board now...

chester said...

Free Iran!