Thursday, September 13, 2007

Regime's goon

When I called this Nema Milania an agent of the Iranian regime a few months ago, he threatened me with lawsuits and lawyering. (Check I and II)

Perhaps, I wasn't wrong at all, because he definitely sounds like one. Don't you agree?


twoshorties said...

Dear Winston,

Oh, the likes of these people!

SERENDIP said...

You were right, Winston. The guy has gone to EGypt for training and works for one of IR's organizations.

Azarmehr said...

I despise the clean shaven, tie wearing supporters of the regime like this Nima most. You should not have even offered him any personal apologies.

These people, they constantly make false accusations against others and as soon as someone sticks up to them they talk of lawsuits, pathetic little creatures.

Anonymous said...

This guy is obviously a regime goon. He can't even hide it.

Bahram said...

I would have had my doubts about calling him an mullah-leftists mouth piece just because he lets islamists rant on his webpage, but well, after posts like these:




how can any one doubt that?

One comment, I don't know much about Fakhravar and I don't really trust him, but the very notion of "political" prisoner is an affornt to freedom and human rights. Let alone asking for some not to be released. What other prrof can you need for some one to be basically a pro IR mouth piece in the West?

saggezard said...

He is published on There must be something fishy about him. is notorious for filtering out serious opposition to the regime and is being run by a former corespondent of Islamic Republic New Agency who apparently was "disenchanted" with the regime.

saggezard said...

He is being published by is notorious for filtering out serious opposition to the regime and is being run by a former Islamic republic News Agency employee who apparently was "disenchanted" with the "revolution".

Frieda said...

I read his post and there was nothing there to support his assumption that Ledeen is advocating military war on Iran. I have never heard him saying that he is for war on Iran. So I don't know what this guy was talking about. I did leave him a comment though.

Frieda said...

"menace comes from Iran"
This is not Ledeen speaking Ajami's article in WSJ:


chester said...

freida - one of the myths and rumors of the Left is that Ledeen wants the U.S. to attack Iran.
Ledeen has repeated ad nauseum that he doesn't.
So anytime you read or hear someone who says that, you know where they're getting their talking points from.