Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have been in touch with my friends inside of Iran for the past 24 hours to find out if they could see the Columbia events yesterday and many of them didn't. The whole thing played into the hands of the crazy mad mullahs of Iran and I think the US is humiliated by letting the mini-Hitler talk on that podium.

FrontPage magazine has more on the disgraceful president of the Iran, and Kenneth Timmerman of the NewsMax did a great job by gathering and leading protests in NYC for the past few days.

Unfortunately, regime scored a point in the propaganda campaign against the freedom and democracy. Sorry, we lost and we could do better to avoid this.

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mwixiwm said...

It's disgusting, imo, to hear the cheers of the audience because Ahmadinejad was echoing the things that they want to believe. a few moments earlier he's telling them that there are no homosexuals in Iran, but when he says that they want nuclear technology for peaceful purposes THAT part is the truth?

they squandered an opportunity to drill him with questions that Iranian students never get to ask.