Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No freedom in USA

Well, who thought that by giving the ugly puppet of the regime a podium would prove the greatness of freedom in the US!?

There you go: Islamic regime's Fars News agency quotes the member of the Islamic council (in Persian language) as saying:
    "The Columbia's dean actions proved there is dictatorship governing the US. There is no freedom and democracy in America"
Alright dudes, the fascist Iranian regime is scoring political points in its home fronts. Terrible and stupid decision to let this puppet talk at Columbia to begin with. Damn the Iranian regime paid-agent professor Dabashi for arranging this crap. He must be happy though.

And by the way, only English version of the whole sham thing made it to Iranian regime news agency and the Persian stuff are kept from the ordinary people in the streets.

خوشحالم که این مردک زشت رژیم اسلامی رو امروز هو و تف کردن جلوی جمع اما مشکل اینجاست که این فیلمی که ما امروز دیدیم مردم عادی ایران بهش دسترسی نخواهند داشت و انچه خواهند دید تبلیغات مسموم رژیم خواهد بود متاسفانه


kafir said...

I've got to believe the average Persian is smart enough to see through this crap, right? I mean, after all, Bush comes to Tehran every week to talk, doesn't he? No? Oh wait, that's right, they chant Death to America every week there and nobody comes except Holocaust deniers and German businessmen.

خیابان شماره 11 said...

This moron mentioned he is an engineer and wants to look at things from scientific point of view. OK Fine. But:
1- How in the world a transportation engineer relates to a historic fact like Holocaust?
2- There are tons of evidence about Holocaust. Pics, videos and even survivors. How can anyone deny them?
3- As he asked for an unbiased committee of researchers to investigate the autheticity of Holocaust, I think it's time to do the same thing about these historic events as well:
A. Mass execution of 1988 in Iranian prisons
B. The authenticity of Karbala event and all the myths around it
C. The authenticity of Ghadire Khom which is the fundamental belief of Shiaa and 9 out of ten muslims in the world don't believe it
D. Assasination of Iranian intelectuals like Dariush Forouhar, Mohammad Mokhtari, Pouyandeh, Dr. Saami, Shapour Bakhtiar, Fereydoon Farokhzad, ...

Cut the crap for god's sake

Patrick Ross said...

I thought the outrage to Ahmadinejad's request to visit Ground Zero was a little overblown. I think he should have been taken to ground zero, so he can't try to stage a 9/11 denial conference later.

Then, while he's there, we could load him on the Concorde, and fly him to Auschwitz. Maybe even rub his nose in some ashes or something while he's there.

Anon said...

"only English version of the whole sham thing made it to Iranian regime news agency and the Persian stuff are kept from the ordinary people in the streets."

Thanks for making that observation

Louise said...

Winston, I hope you blog more on this encounter. It has sure stirred up a great debate about the meaning and preservation of freedom of expression. I know, as well as you do, that the people of Iran will not hear anything about the rough and blunt questioning he got from the audience at Columbia. The point was proven to those who are already free - preaching to the choir, as they say - but the audience that really needs to hear this will never hear it and the Mullahs who are intent on thought control will likely be even more zealous than before in their hatred of the Great Satan.