Saturday, October 6, 2007

Objective: Regime Change

My fellow Iranian blogger, Sag-e-Zard, has mentioned a great objective which we shouldn't forget; Regime Change in Iran:
    "To attack Iran without targeting and destroying the Islamic Regime is as mindless as begging the regime to change its behavior. Domestically in Iran, an incalculable human toll mounts as the days of the regime pass the world by. The influence of the Ayatollahs has grown internationally by their direct and covert forces fueled by petro-wealth..."
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هدف اصلی و نهایی تمام ایرانیان وطن دوست، امروزه، بایستی تغییررژیم اخوندی و جایگزینی آن با یک حکومت دموکراتیک ، مسئول و کاملا غیر مذهبی باشد. تنها راه نجات مردم دربند، محروم و گرسنه ایران تغییر این حکومت ضد ایرانی و ضد انسانیست

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