Wednesday, November 21, 2007

BBC Can't Hide It

Biased BBC News can't hide the good news from Iraq any more:
    "An estimated 1,000 people a day are returning across Iraq's borders having previously moving abroad to escape the violence, Iraqi authorities say."
Iraq is a better place now thanks to the blood and sweat shed by the brave American soldiers. This is good news and the defeatists of the world can't spin or hide the facts now.

Christopher Hitchens has a good article on the good news from Iraq


Anonymous said...

You are delusional. Lots of good things happen in Iraq, but many more bad things have and will happen. You are so desperate to cling to any shred of positive information. People should have returned years ago, or never have had to leave in the first place. It is pathetic this even has to happen. Get a grip. US has failed. We must get used to being middle of the road. Just like our education and health industries.

chester said...

Hey delusional anonymous -
Are you getting sadder and sadder every day because of the progress being made in Iraq?
Is the good news raining on your doom & gloom parade?

You should read Mark Steyn's, "The World Should Thanks for America", posted by Winston a few days ago.