Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I mentioned the recent stupid move by the clerical establishment of Iran to ban the recent novel by Garcia Marquez called Memories of My Melancholy Whores and as a matter of curiosity, I just decided to see what it is that mullahs have banned again. I bought it yesterday and just finished reading this short novel and enjoyed it very much. Just can't get over my permanent anger towards the Islamo-Arabic Mullahs of Iran who ban any thing that might make the ordinary people of that occupied country feel a bit different. Any ways, I think it's time for the clerics to be removed. It's time for Islam to fade away. Religion is poisonous!


Kafir said...

Religion is poisonous!

Only when practiced by people who want to use it to attain a position of power and use that position to force other people to live by their strict interpretation of God's word.

Azarmehr said...

They think if they ban books about whores then the Faithful around the globe will think there is no prostitution in the Islamic Republic, just like there are no homosexuals :)))

twoshorties said...

I 100% agree with you on this point: "religion is poisonous", for it promotes invalid Idiosyncrasies, and encourages the attainment of certain level of Faith in a constructed socio-political ideology that which can be prejudiced, discriminatory, and annihilating.

PS: Haven't read the book yet, but i will at some point.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty extreme, twoshorties. Religion can be that, as it is in Iran and some other places - mostly muslim.
But religion really shouldn't "encourage(s) the attainment of certain level of Faith in a constructed socio-political ideology". It shouldn't be political at all - hence the separation of church and state.
It should never be "prejudiced, discriminatory, and annihilating" -in fact that goes against modern Christianity.
So I think maybe your statements are more directed toward extremist islam.

خیابان شماره 11 said...

I am reading this book "God is not great or, how religion poisions everything." by Christpher Hitchens.
The only sad thing is American society is getting more and more buried under religios crap.
And I am very pissed off by the fact that Bush himself and his administration are religious people. Religion kills!

Winston said...

11th Ave,

I read that book a while ago. Good read! But I disagree with the fact that American society is getting more religious every day. Or I disagree with the fact that Bush is a religious fanatic. I think he is a man of religious convictions but he is no fanatic. He goes to church like 20 times a year on special occasions. And you have to remember that America was founded upon Christian values (Puritans who fled prosecution in Europe). I think US society is getting more secular. Don't you agree?

twoshorties said...

dear anonymous,

any Institutionally-constructed "Faith" in God is dangerous. Look at the history of Christianity in the Middle Ages.
If people want to believe in certain "teachings and/or traditions" that's their choice, but they cannot claim it to be the "right one" or challenge poeple's right to existance on the merit of such belief system.
My aim, as you mentioned, was towards a certain group of believer.