Friday, November 30, 2007

Dysfunctional Society

This report appeared on ABC & Fox News makes me think that the Iranian society or most Islamic societies are kinda dysfunctional due to restrictions imposed on youths and their own people too. I know for certain that the religion of Islam creates a sexually oppressive society that makes every one angry, frustrated, depressed and moody. Look at the number of divorces taking place in Iran just because the couple didn't know each other well prior to marriage or their expectations change right after the first few weeks into their marriage.
    "Those who lose their virginity at a later age -- around 21 to 23 years of age -- tend to be more likely to experience sexual dysfunction problems later, say researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute's HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies."
Interesting! And it is not just going to be sexual problems later at an older age, rather it will be more problematic in my opinion as proven in a country like Iran where lack of freedom in sexual relation mean more divorces, drug addicts, depressed and sad people and a lot of other social problems that can be related to the sexual apartheid created by the mullahs.


Anonymous said...

This is an old problem with pretty much every single religions.
Merely to survey the history of sexual dread and proscription, as codified by religion, is to be met with a disturbing connection between extreme prurience and extreme repression.
Almost every sexual impulse has been made the occasion for prohibition, guilt and shame.
Even in modern and hedonistic America, several states legally define "Sodomy" as that of which is not directed at face-to-face heterosexual procreation.

Anon said...

I think you're right about sexual repression and the regime. They specialize in screwing with people psychologically.

Though it isn't just a religious thing. It's social mores too, and rules imposed by oppressive governments, like in China.

I think the so called medical study is bs, however. 21 is NOT old.

saggezard said...

Sexual energy in masses (and revolutions) is very interesting, I have been independently studying and writing about this, if you remember the Islamic revolutionary period, the Iranian youth showed an amazing and sometimes disturbing outflow of energy that seemed to have been harnessed for various uses, in that period, by the revolutionary apparatus, through the frictions of traditionalism and modernity. I want to find out if sexuality can also be a factor in uprooting the Islamic regime.

Winston said...

Saggezard, I think we agree. Btw, I am all for bombing of Iran BUT with Porn magazines and dvds. LOL (j/k). it definitely helps overthrow the mullahs faster. ;-)

saggezard said...

LMAO, it would be the coolest revolution ever, if Iran was bombed with billions of porn mags and DVDs instead of revolutionary leaflets and bombs. I bet my life it would work and could be called the Porn Revolution. Make love, that is the solution.

خیابان شماره 11 said...

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