Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rap Ban

Rap music is banned in Iran. And I am not surprised because almost every thing has been banned in the Islamic Iran, and mullahs have banned lots and lots of stuff since they seized the power after the revolt of 1979. They have banned VCRs, Satellite Receivers, Ties, Make-Up, Happiness, Alcohol, Books, Secularism... etc. However, the larger picture I am trying to get to here is that the popular dissent against the government in today's Iran has now found a stronger platform: "Rap music" and that's why the theocratic regime is to outlaw it as well. Just because these idiot mullahs know that this type of music has a well-grounded base among the Iranian youths and Rappers are defying the regime in their songs and video clips.

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These are the typical songs that clearly urge people to overthrow the mullahs and say that the Iranian people are tired of Arabo-Islamic rule of the current clerical establishment.

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Azarmehr said...

don't forget that chess was banned for a while too and buying chess pieces was like buying drugs, because some Ayatollah (Montazeri?) had said "chess ruins the brain" :)))