Tuesday, November 27, 2007

French Jihad

Armed Jihadists and Muslim youths are waging Intifada in the streets of Paris:
    "More than 80 police officers were injured in pitched battles with youths - some armed with hunting rifles - as housing estates around Paris erupted into violence for a second night running."
Eurabia is lost and it's lost to radical Islamists.


AdrianDK said...

I think that the behaviour of this crazy lynchmob is an eyeopener for our politicians - well, at least I still have the hope.

Azarmehr said...

What a foresight Orianna Fallacci had, when she said Europe is becoming Eurabia.

twoshorties said...

That's the thing with the peaceful religion called Islam. It is always in fight with people, never seeks any other approach.

saggezard said...

Whenever I have come in contact with French people of Arab descent I have been shocked by their level of complete and utter arrogance and weirdness, combined with the sickening self righteousness of the indigenous French. Let them kick each others butts, they all deserve it.