Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Azarmehr in Rome

My UK based fellow blogger Azarmehr was in Rome accompanying our very own Amir Fakhravar to the 'Struggle for Democracy in the Islamic World' conference, acting as a translator:
    "I have just come back from the 'Struggle for Democracy in the Islamic World' conference held in Rome, where I had the pleasure of interpreting for my friend, Amir Abbas (Siavash) Fakhravar."
I am pretty sure that Azarmehr has done a wonderful job of translating and I am glad he did that because Fakhravar's translator in the States sucks majorly and can't do the job well. Fakhravar needs a better interpreter and he got one in Rome... Btw, check his reply to that clueless anti-American journalist. You'll like it! ;-)

Read more about his awesome experience

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