Thursday, December 13, 2007

Iranian Terror in Lebanon

Commanding general of the Lebanese army died in a bomb blast yesterday and many analysts attribute that to the Iranian-Syrian backed terrorism that has wrecked havoc in Lebanon for the past few decades.
    "Hezbollah, the party which many believe is behind the current crisis, "is a creation of Iran and Syria", according to Jafaar."
A Lebanese government minister is quoted as saying:
    "We believe that all the institutions of Lebanon, civilian and military, are being targeted by the Syrian/Iranian axis."
The Islamic regime of Iran is always behind major terror attacks in the region and the middle-east won't see a peaceful day as long as this brutal regime is in power and can export terrorism and its own version of radical Islamism by simply relying on petro-dollars and lack of will among western political institutions to deal with them.

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Bardia said...

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