Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bam Rememberance

4 years ago on December 26th 2003, a powerful earthquake turned one of the most beautiful cities of Iran into rubble and dust and left more than 56,000 dead and hundreds of thousands injured, disabled and orphaned for life. It's sad that the mullahs occupying Iran give thousands of dollars away to each terrorist family in southern Lebanon or Palestinian territories, while the people of the city of Bam still live in make-shift camps or tents donated by foreign countries such as France, Spain or US. Pics

Check these photos to see how little has been done by the regime to improve the lives of those poor people. It just makes my blood boil when I see how an oil rich country treats its own people.

I'd like to extend my condolences to the survivors of that quake and wish them well and hope their dreams of rebuilding their beautiful town come true soon.


chester said...

Thanks for reminding us

Bardia said...

Everyday we have lots of earthquakes in our brains but unfortunately we forget how they are created.
Take care and happy new year

rickrick said...

correct me if i'm wrong winston but, as I recall, Israel even offered foreign aid in the wake of the Bam earthquake...aid which was refused.
Yet when it came to the Muslim states with all their talk of the brotherhood of muslims there was.....(the sound of a cricket chirping amid the silence)

Winston said...


You're right. The state of Israel was among the first that offered aid and assistance to help find the survivors but the mullahs refused that humanitarian aid and decided that people of Bam should die but not to be rescued by the "Filthy Zhoos". It's a tragedy. I saw photos from that day where survivors stood by the American or Spanish aid camps because they felt they're safer with them than with their own government. Mullahs are evil and they've no mercy for their own people.

Lemon said...

Just after Katrina I got into a chat with an Iranian cabdriver.
Very friendly, he commented that the Hurricane was justice from Allah.
I asked him if the earthquake was as well.
He said, "yu have a point there."

Winston said...

Stupid Cab-Driver